All replacement or new windows and doors in domestic dwellings must be registered with Local Authority Building Control (LABC). This is for your protection as the installation must meet the Building Regulations, which are minimum legal requirements and include the use of appropriate glass, means of escape in case of fire, structural integratory, heat retention etc.

The government has set up Competent Person Schemes, which require installation companies to use competent staff (demonstrated by Minimum Technical Competence cards) for both surveying and installing replacement windows and doors. All surveyors and at least one person on each installation team must hold a MTC card.

Members of Competent Person Schemes are also required to have regular inspections of their installations. We then register each installation with the scheme, and the installations are then registered by the scheme with LABC.

At present we use Assure for this purpose. Other organisations (if not directly with LABC) include FENSA, CERTASS and various independent building control licenced companies. If you were to sell your property in the future, you would need a certificate to show that the replacement items complied with Building Regulations at the time of installation and could hold up the sale if not available. This should come up on any searches a solicitor would carry out. The Building Regulations are a minimum legal requirement.

You can find out more information on the Assure website:


Working with the Glass and Glazing Federation, Installsure provides insurance backed guarantees (IBG) to installation companies around the UK. These policies are only supplied for members of a Competent Person Scheme (Assure Certified Installer), in the name of the homeowner.

An IBG is an insurance policy that provides cover for a guarantee in the event the company that issued the guarantee ceases to trade.

At R&M Windows and Conservatories, once we have completed the works on your property, we’ll register this insurance in your name to provide you with absolute peace of mind.

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For your added peace of mind, we are members of the Blue Sky Certification Scheme. This is an independent voluntary scheme demonstrating the quality of our installations. In order to achieve this certification, we regularly have our office processes audited, as well as the procedures used on site to install our windows and doors.

Currently, conservatories and not part of the building control regulations. Therefore, there is no legal scheme for installer certifications with regards to conservatories. We work with the Blue Sky Certification scheme to evidence that although not required, we still work to building control conditions when we install our conservatories.

You can find out more information on the Blue Sky website: