Our modern conservatories are energy-efficient and comfortable enough for year-round use. They’re also versatile to suit a range of uses, providing extra space for everything from dining to home-working to hobbies, leisure and entertaining. Or perhaps you simply want some extra living space?

In most contemporary conservatories, half of each side wall is made of glass, and at least three-quarters of the roof is of clear glazing or a translucent building material. Solid roofs are growing in popularity but these can reduce how much natural light is in the space.



Conservatories are all about bringing the outside indoors, with the glazed areas flooding your room with natural light and blurring the boundaries with the outdoor world.

Often more cost-effective and simpler than other types of home extension, you get extra living space plus the value of your property will shoot up. A conservatory will enhance your home’s current design.

With flexible style options and plenty of choice in terms of design, you have more options when selecting your conservatory than you may have realised.


We supply conservatories in a range of styles including bespoke solutions. Add value and space to your home while making the most of available space.

Look forward to meticulously high standards of construction, whichever model you end up going for. Choose from a great line-up of colours and finishing touches.

These uPVC conservatories are recyclable and 100% lead-free. The range encompasses a broad line-up of styles, from the modern to the more traditional, as well as bespoke options, all in a material of your choice.


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Visit our showroom and see our whole range of windows and doors!


Visit our showroom and see our whole range of windows and doors!

Conservatories FAQs

What is a conservatory?

Conservatories from R&M are modern, energy-efficient, and comfortable enough for year-round use. They are versatile and can be used for a range of purposes, from dining and home-working to hobbies, leisure, and entertainment.

What are the benefits of conservatories from R&M?

Conservatories from R&M bring the outside indoors, with glazed areas that flood the room with natural light and blur the boundaries with the outdoor world. They are often more cost-effective and simpler than other types of home extension and can increase the value of your property.

What styles of conservatories are available from R&M?

We offer a wide range of conservatory styles, including Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-To, Gable, Shaped, and Bespoke.

What materials are used to make R&M conservatories?

Our conservatories are made from uPVC, which is recyclable and 100% lead-free.

Can R&M conservatories be customized to match my home's design?

Yes, R&M conservatories can be customized to match your home’s design, with flexible style options and a wide variety of design choices.

Are R&M conservatories energy-efficient?

Yes, R&M conservatories are energy-efficient.

What type of guarantee do R&M conservatories come with?

It is not mentioned in the provided information, but it is advisable to ask R&M directly for more information on their guarantee policy.

Are R&M conservatories suitable for year-round use?

Yes, R&M conservatories are comfortable enough for year-round use.

How can I add value to my property with a R&M conservatory?

Adding a R&M conservatory to your home can increase the value of your property, as well as providing additional living space.

What kind of finishing touches are available for R&M conservatories?

R&M conservatories come in a variety of colours and finishing touches, such as the different types of handles and locks.