A porch is a small, single-story extension to the front of a house that typically consists of low-level dwarf walls, windows, columns, and a door. Porches can be fully enclosed or semi-enclosed, and they are usually attached to the house and feature glazed panels. Porches can be designed with a cantilevered, tiled roof that replaces the original door canopies to cover the front door or extend the width of the house, providing shelter.

The benefits of a porch include providing additional storage space for shoes, boots, and coats and an extra layer of security. Modern multi-point locking systems make it a secure point of entry to your home. Porches can also improve your property’s appearance, enhancing your “kerb appeal” and potentially increasing its value. Additionally, a properly designed porch can help to improve energy efficiency by retaining warm air and keeping cold air out.

At R&M Windows, we offer elegant, distinctive, and secure porch designs with different options for roofing, glazing, doors, and brickwork. Our porches feature high-performing security solutions and are tailored to match your home’s style. We offer a range of finishes, including woodgrain and coloured foil options for both internal and external surfaces and frames and sashes. Our enclosed porches are constructed using PVC windows and doors and a tiled roof, while our cantilever porches feature a traditional, timber-structured roof. We provide a 10-year guarantee for all porch installations, and we can help with planning permission if required.


A porch gives you extra space for storing boots, shoes and coats. As an extra barrier between your home and the outside world, it also gives you and your family an additional layer of security. With modern multi-point locking systems, it’s effectively like having a second front door.

All our varieties of porches can improve the appearance of your property. That could really matter if you’re considering selling and want to improve what estate agents like to call your ‘kerb appeal’.

You can also improve energy efficiency by boosting heat retention. If your porch is designed properly, when you go into the main house, the warm air inside should be retained and the cooler outside air kept in the porch.


We make it really straightforward to create the grand entrance you’re looking for! Our porches are elegant, distinctive and secure, and you can choose from different designs for the roof, glazing, doors and brickwork. These products are also high-performing when it comes to security, with multi-point locking solutions.

And while planning permission is often not needed, if it is, we can help.


Our porches can be tailored to match your home and style, choose from different finishes, features and more!


We offer a wide range of woodgrain and coloured foil options, both internally and externally or even differing frames and sashes.


Enclosed Porch

Enclosed porches are great for creating extra indoor space. these are enclosed using PVC windows and doors and tiled roof.


Cantilever Porch

Our cantilever roofs are a traditional, timber structured roof. These roofs are a more modern replacement for the older style flat roofs.



Porches come with a 10-year guarantee. Any issues related to the manufacture or installation will be repaired or replaced.



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Visit our showroom and see our whole range of windows and doors!


Visit our showroom and see our whole range of windows and doors!

Porches FAQs

What is a porch?

A porch is a covered structure typically added to the entrance of a house that provides an additional layer of security and storage space while also improving the overall appearance of the home.

What are the benefits of having a porch?

A porch provides extra security, additional storage space, and improved energy efficiency. It also enhances the appearance of your home, adds value to your property, and can create a grand entrance.

How is a porch constructed?

A porch is typically a single-story construction that consists of low-level dwarf walls, columns, glazed panels, and a door. Some porches also have cantilevered, tiled roofs.

Can a porch improve the energy efficiency of my home?

Yes, if designed properly, a porch can help retain warm air inside the main house and keep cooler outside air in the porch, leading to improved energy efficiency.

What materials can be used for building a porch?

Porch construction can involve various materials such as uPVC, timber, glass, and brickwork. Each material has its own unique advantages and can be tailored to match your home’s style.

Do I need planning permission for a porch?

In most cases, planning permission is not required for a porch, but it depends on the size, height, and location of the porch. Your installer can help you determine if planning permission is required.

How long does it take to install a porch?

The time required for installing a porch varies based on the size, style, and material used. Typically, it takes 1-2 weeks to complete the installation.

What is the cost of a porch?

The cost of a porch depends on various factors, such as the size, material, and complexity of the design. 

How do I maintain my porch?

Porch maintenance involves regular cleaning to prevent dirt and debris buildup. You may also need to periodically check for signs of wear and tear to ensure proper functioning.

Do porches come with a warranty?

Yes, most porch installers offer a guarantee or warranty for their products and services. R&M Windows, for instance, offers a 10-year guarantee for their porches.