The Benefits of Adding a Porch To Your Home

Clients who are considering this enhancement often ask us about the benefits of adding a porch to their home. It’s true that a porch isn’t necessarily the first thing that springs to mind when you think about home improvements. But they remain popular property additions and, here at R&M, we have a considerable number of customers who are either clear they want one of these structures, or are keen to find out more. Here, we give an overview of the benefits you can look forward to if you’re thinking about having one installed.

What is a porch?

Porches are typically fitted to the front of a building, covering the main entrance of a house. They’re sheltered entryways projecting out from the main house; usually one-storey structures, they also tend to be enclosed but can also be open. Generally speaking, they have a stone or brick base, with windows on one or two sides, plus a door. Even if they have an open front (i.e. side walls and a roof cover only), you still enjoy a degree of protection from the elements.

Clearly, these home improvements are popular due to their multiple benefits, as well as the elegant architectural feature they provide. Add a porch to your home and you’ll have numerous choices for making it your own in terms of styles and building materials – a further factor behind their popularity.

In fact, porches suit a myriad of different property types but are especially appropriate for period homes, no matter the era they date from.

What’s more, in most cases you won’t need planning permission provided your porch meets certain criteria, although different rules will apply if you’re lucky enough to live in a listed building.

Benefits of adding a porch

So a porch can do a great deal for your home in terms of convenience and the property’s overall appearance, while having numerous other advantages. Here, we list some of them:

Adds character to a property

Adding a porch, especially an open one, can add a lot of character to your home, whether it is a period structure or has been built more recently. They can enhance your home’s appearance and give it some added personality with a unique feel.

An enclosed porch gives you more storage space

An enclosed porch gives your home some much-needed extra storage space. Use it to store heavy coats, muddy shoes and boots, umbrellas, buggies and more, especially if you live in a large family or busy household.

If your front door gives directly on to a lounge or kitchen, a porch offers a useful buffer space between these living areas and the outdoors.

An open porch keeps you dry when searching for keys

We’ve all stood in the rain dripping in the doorway while we fumble for our keys. So this is one benefit of having a porch that you may not previously have appreciated. These structures provide dry spots while you search for your keys before heading inside.

Increases the value of your home

Adding a porch can add to the value of your home, since it lends it greater character as well as generally making life more convenient. This is especially true of a well-designed enclosed porch, which also provides sought-after extra storage space.

Improves the look of your home

As mentioned above, adding a porch will improve the look of your home, and can make your entrance look more inviting. It’s part of what estate agents like to call ‘kerb appeal’ and is one of the first things anyone will see on arrival at your property. So a porch contributes to that all-important first impression someone has of your home.

Added security

An enclosed porch in particular can enhance the security of your home, providing an extra barrier in the form of an additional front door, which can deter burglars. After all, most would-be intruders will be opportunists who don’t want to have to work too hard to break in somewhere.

With a porch, you effectively double the protection your front entrance offers, since it means you have two doorways to get through before you can enter the property. Both doorways can be made from hardwearing uPVC, and incorporate robust locking systems.

What’s more, with porches featuring glazing including side windows, you’ll be able to see who’s outside before you let them in.

Increased energy efficiency

Again, in the case of an enclosed porch in particular, they can make your home more energy-efficient, conserving heat in the winter and reducing heating bills at a time when these costs are soaring. At the same time, they can keep your home cooler in the summer, preventing heat from coming directly into your home. Remember to close your porch door behind you before opening the second front door, to maximise how much heat you save.

A better light flow into your home

Many porches have a lot of glazing so natural daylight floods in and blurring the barriers between being inside and outdoors. If your front door is also amply glazed, you can maximise the additional light flow.

Looking to add a porch to your home?

If you’re looking for a new porch, R&M Windows can advise on the best options to suit your home, whatever its style and size, as well as on whether you will need planning permission (in most cases you won’t).

Don’t forget that we also offer a range of other home improvements including double glazing, front and patio doors as well as conservatories to customers in Bracknell and from across many of the surrounding areas in Berkshire, from Ascot to Windsor, Maidenhead and Wokingham.

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