What Are The Main Benefits Of French Doors?

One popular way to enhance your property is the addition of French doors. Here at R&M, people often ask us about the perceived benefits of this type of patio door and whether they’re really worth investing in for a home.

Over the last two or three years, against the background of the pandemic, more of us have been looking to improve our homes. Equally, the amount we’re spending on home renovations has surged by over a third (36%) to a median of £15,000 during the year to October 2021, according to a report by Houzz & Home. This is probably unsurprising given that we all had to spend far more time at home than we would usually during the long months of lockdown.

The reality is that French doors can make a significant difference to your living space while boosting what estate agents often call ‘kerb appeal’, which refers to how attractive, or otherwise, a house is when seen from the street, particularly within the context of selling a property.

Here, we take a closer look at what French doors specifically are, and the advantages of investing in them.

What Are French Doors?

The current market offers French doors in myriad different sizes and styles and in many varied materials. And although they’re not the same as sliding patio doors, they’re a popular way of accessing outdoor areas like gardens and patios.

French doors are generally of a fairly light construction, with glazed panels along most of their length. Typically, they’re fitted singly, and they work very similarly to French windows.

The style originated in France in the 1700s and 1800s as a way of introducing light, vital given that this was before the advent of electric illumination, but also a sense of regularity and proportion to a room. French doors were also in keeping with the Renaissance notions of architecture that were popular at that time. They started to appear in the UK from the seventeenth century onwards.

French doors open outwards to create a full opening, and can also feature side panels of glass, which let in additional light and work well for larger spaces. Typically, uPVC or aluminium is used in their construction. Many high-end uPVC models feature a woodgrain finish and are virtually indistinguishable from timber doors, but with numerous extra benefits which make them more robust and longer-lasting than wooden alternatives.

The Key Benefits Of Investing In French Doors

There are many reasons why we’d always say that French doors have benefits which make them a worthwhile investment for your home, including:

#1 They work well in smaller spaces

If the space you have for patio doors is limited, French doors work excellently as an alternative, since they have very slim profiles and don’t take up much space, making them a great choice if you’re keen to transform a living room or kitchen that previously had a smaller back door, or to replace smaller windows.

#2 French doors make excellent replacement windows

French doors make ideal replacement windows if you don’t have any patio doors at all at the moment, or just have a single back door opening from your kitchen.

You could well be amazed (and in a good way!) by just how transformative replacing a small window with a pair of French doors can be.

If you have larger windows or several small windows you want to replace, French doors with side panels may be more suitable, or you could consider having a set of sliding or bi-folding doors instead.

#3 French doors improve the flow from living spaces to the garden

These models can drastically improve the flow in your home and connect the interior space to the garden, breaking down the barriers between the inside and outside worlds.

#4 Help shape a view and let the light in

Even a small pair of French doors can really help to accentuate the best aspects of your garden, especially if you’re replacing a panelled back door or a small window. The floor-to-ceiling glass panels which are typical of French doors also help to give a stunning view across the garden.

#5 Safe and secure

Modern versions of French doors are incredibly safe and secure, with advanced locking mechanisms and extra-strong frames, so they make a highly reliable choice of backdoor.

#6 A boost to property equity

A new set of French doors can substantially increase both ‘kerb appeal’ and, often, actual property value, especially if they bring in more natural light than you had previously, or you’re replacing a window.

#7 Stylish

French doors are invariably smart-looking and elegant. They can be made in many different colours to match your home and they can also be finished in a highly realistic woodgrain look for added class and style.

#8 Versatile

French doors are highly versatile and so suit properties from all periods. What’s more, they can be styled with panelling, Georgian bars, side panels and hardware including handles to match your home, whatever its style. Equally, they’re a distinctly desirable feature for larger and smaller homes alike.

#9 They can be triple-glazed

If noise pollution is a concern, either because you live near a busy main road or experience heavy traffic noise, or have the misfortune to have noisy neighbours, French doors can be triple-glazed to give extra soundproofing qualities.

Looking For a French Doors Company?

If you’re looking for a French doors company, we at R&M install and supply a superb range of models from top supplier Platinum NRG whilst we also offer beautiful French windows to match. We’re Bracknell-based but cover nearby towns in Berkshire, including Ascot, Maidenhead, Windsor and Wokingham. Get in touch today to learn more.