What Are The Benefits Of uPVC Sash Windows?

Sash models are frequently found on period properties and have traditionally been fashioned from timber which though look stunning, require lots of care and maintenance. However, these days homeowners are increasingly upgrading to uPVC sash windows in order to reap the many benefits of doing so, whatever the style of their property.

It’s true that uPVC may not be the first or most obvious choice for replacement sash windows, not least for those who live within conservation areas. However, thanks to innovation and modern technological advances, uPVC today can look almost identical to real wood, while incorporating added features not otherwise possible with traditional timber, including enhanced energy efficiency.

How Sash Windows Work

Sash windows open vertically and, typically, people associate them with traditional rather than contemporary design and architecture. These units comprise two framed window sashes – one placed in front of the other. Their frames feature vertical grooves allowing smooth movement up and downwards, helped by counterbalances or weights on cords and pulleys.

If you’re contemplating upgrading your timber sash windows, you may want to consider the numerous benefits that uPVC sash windows offer.

What’s more, uPVC offers a smart-looking alternative to the high-maintenance nature of real wood.

Sash windows: a brief history

Early examples of these windows date back to the seventeenth century, for example at Ham House in Richmond. They’re sometimes considered originally a Dutch idea, at other times English and they’re often found in Georgian and Victorian homes. They do vary in size and whilst older models could be of any dimension, many late-Victorian and Edwardian homes use standard 4ft widths.

Benefits of uPVC sash windows

There are a good number of benefits to choosing UPVC sash windows and numerous reasons why more and more homeowners are turning to them over their wood-based counterparts.

#1 Long-lasting

Make no mistake, all uPVC windows are built to last, and sash models are no exception to this rule. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your windows will stay looking and performing at their best for many years to come.

#2 Low maintenance

As touched on above, uPVC sash windows require very little in the way of regular maintenance. Indeed, care is mostly limited to the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth. Real timber sash windows, in contrast, need pretty frequent cleaning, painting and restoration treatment, plus you need to allow time for sanding down, painting the various layers of paint required and so on.

#3 Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of uPVC sash models is markedly different to that of wooden versions. So, if you’re in the business of upgrading, you’re likely to notice a reduced need for heating so you’ll save money on energy bills.

#4 Keeping your home warmer

Your home will feel a great deal cosier with uPVC sash windows compared to wooden ones. And, even if you’re looking to upgrade existing uPVC sash windows or other types of uPVC windows, modern advancements in recent years mean you are still likely to feel the benefits of having a warmer home.

#5 Can look indistinguishable from timber models

Modern woodgrain finishes look incredibly similar to the real thing (i.e. genuine wood) in terms of appearance. Sure, it’s often said that nothing beats the beauty of real wood – but uPVC units bring added benefits including enhanced performance and energy efficiency. So you really do get the best of both worlds!

#6 More cost-effective

Both in the short and longer term, uPVC sash windows are more cost-effective, given that they require next to no maintenance and fewer repairs than traditional models. Meanwhile, don’t forget that uPVC sash windows will also save you money over time on your energy bills.

#7 Extra secure

Security is clearly a major consideration for any homeowner choosing replacement windows. So, it’s understandable that you would consider this before committing to your new windows.

But there are reasons you can have confidence in the security of uPVC sash windows, including their use of the latest technology and locking mechanisms.

Equally, you use sash window stops to prevent them from opening fully but enough to let in a breeze without risking a child or vulnerable person falling out.

And, of course, you could add double or even triple glazing to heighten security and energy efficiency, while also minimising noise pollution.

#8 Extremely weather-resistant

uPVC sash models, like all replacement windows in the UK, need to handle the worst of the ever-changing British weather, including rain, hail, sleet, snow, wind and, in coastal areas, salt. Unlike wooden versions, uPVC sashes won’t warp, peel or flake. They can resist something we’re increasingly having to get used to in this country – conditions of extreme heat.

#9 Reduced noise pollution

Whether you have loud neighbours, live under a flight path or busy traffic, noise can seriously threaten the quiet enjoyment of your home. uPVC as a material has better noise-cancelling properties than timber. And, as mentioned above, double or triple glazing helps create an excellent solution to combatting noise pollution.

We supply and install uPVC sash windows

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